Books that put me in the mood … to travel ;)

I came across this article today of the 50 greatest travel books of all time c/o @MatadorNetwork. I’m always looking for new books to read, and obviously love to travel, so it was a great find. I wanted to share it with you, and add a few of my faves to the mix. Some of them are about traveling, and some are set in/about foreign countries (which makes me want to travel).

  • A Walk in the Woods and Neither Here nor There by Bill Bryson. So funny I would actually laugh out loud, which got a bit awkward because I read them during my lunch hour and I’m sure my co-workers were wondering why I was laughing to myself. His friend and co-traveler Katz is outrageously funny. A Walk in the Woods inspired me to hike the Appalachian Trail, which after my death-defying hike up Mt. Katahdin may not even happen …
  • Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson & David Oliver Relin. Shows that one person really can make a difference, in a big way.
  • How Soccer Explains the World by Franklin Foer. Studies soccer teams in various countries and shows how the teams reflect social and economic conditions in their countries. I was a sociology major – make sense now why I liked it?
  • The United States of Europe by T.R. Reid. Explains how and why the EU was formed, and how it’s becoming a super power. My favorite chapter was about the euro, and how it was the most successful currency launch in human history.
  • Sarum by Edward Rutherford. I ADORE his books. I’ve also read Princes of Ireland and have Rebels of Ireland on my bookshelf. Sarum spans 10,000 years and follows five families through the generations. It’s incredible to see how the country and family evolves over time. I also enjoyed it because I’ve been to Stonehenge and Bath, which is the area that used to be called Sarum. These are big books but are great for anyone who enjoys historical fiction. It’s a goal of mine to read every one of his books – wish me luck, I need it!

What are some of your favorite travel books? What books get you in the mood to travel?


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  1. Pegi

    I read “The Places In Between” by Rory Stewart, a true story about his journey by foot across Afghanistan in 2002. The book itself didn’t make me want to walk across Afghanistan anytime soon; however, it was successful in igniting my desire for adventure travel. Add it to the list of must read books!

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