The Mardis Gras of the Carolinas

I’m really excited because today I bought my ticket for Castle Carnevale! Going to this festival has been a year in the making. I was supposed to go last year but it was the same weekend I moved to Raleigh, so I had to pass 😦 HOWEVER, I’m definitely going this year!

My friend Courtney and I found out about this completely by accident. We were on a mini road trip to High Point and were leaving the Doll & Miniature Museum (creepy place, FYI) and found a brochure for the Castle McCulloch. We decided to go check it out, and found this gorgeous castle in the middle of nowhere, NC. No one was around, so it felt like we were trespassing. We explored inside, and found a flier for the Carneval party. And one year later, we’re going 🙂

From the pictures on the Web site, it looks like the event will be a Renaissance fair/rave/Halloween party/Disney theme park. Aka it’s going to be absolutely insane – and I’m really excited to experience it in all its glory 🙂 Now (and this is such a girl dilemma), I need to figure out what to wear; I don’t exactly have a lot of medieval costumes hanging in my closet (which I think is a good thing).

Here’s the description from the site: “Imagine arriving to an evening sparkling with promise surrounded by beauty, where the magic of anticipation is carried on a heat wave of flashing smiles, delighted laughter and exclamations of wonder! Castle Carnivale invites you to experience the decadence of Mardi Gras in a festival fantastic enough for the Carolinas. Sizzling entertainment will set the mood and enticing Carnivale costumes bring a bare-as-you-dare bohemian attitude!”

Don’t worry, I’ll share pictures 😉 Here are some pics of the castle from our trip last year to give you an idea of what the castle looks like:

T-minus 12 days and counting …


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