I lobster Maine

It’s true; I lobster/love Maine, especially in the summer. Minus the fact that it gets really hot & humid and most homes don’t have central air, it’s pretty fantastic. I went on a New England adventure last week, and spent the last portion of the trip at home in Maine. My dad took me up to Mount Blue, which is a state park that my family went to practically every summer while growing up. I have awesome memories of riding bikes around the campground with my sister, swimming in the lake and jumping off the big rock, playing on the playground, making s’mores … it was nice and wholesome 🙂

I love to camp and hike, but don’t have the right equipment (or any interested companions), so every summer I make my ask my dad if we can go. And he always says yes 🙂 So we went to Mount Blue for the first time in 10+ years, and for the first time we hiked Tumbledown Mountain. It was a pretty steep climb, but nothing like our disaster adventure last year. And the best part was that after climbing for 1.5 hours and getting nice and sweaty, there was a lake at the top to swim in!

Here are some photos from the top:

The next day, we headed back home, picked up mom, and got back in the car to drive to Boothbay Harbor. I think this might be my new favorite place in Maine – it was such a gorgeous town! Seriously, what’s not to love about a place that boasts stunning views AND has a massive statue of a fisherman?! We stayed at the Spruce Point Inn; my dad worked there one summer in college and performed a wedding there last year, so my parents wanted me to see it. Here are some pictures of the inn:

And here are some of the “downtown:”

Had a delicious lobster roll (yum!), bought a souvenir sweatshirt with a moose on it (awesome) and took a picture with the massive fisherman statue (I have a mild obsession with random statues). All in all, it was a pretty iconic trip 😉


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