I like my yoga extra sweaty

Normally, I despise sweating. My Northern blood just can’t handle it*. Plus, I’m not a pretty sweat-er. I don’t “shine” or “glisten” – I “pour” and “drip” and become extremely red-faced. So it might be surprising (it was to me) that my new favorite exercise/obsession is bikram yoga, aka HOT yoga. Why the nickname? Because the room in which you practice is heated to 105 degrees. It’s hot, humid and smells like feet. Appealing, right?

Living Social had an amazing deal to a bikram studio that I couldn’t pass up. Plus, I love trying new types of exercise to keep things interesting. I thought it’d be a new exercise adventure 🙂 The first class was awkward (try wiping sweat out of your eyes while upside-down in a pose), and in the second class I thought I might pass out. But the third class was better and the fourth actually felt good. The heat loosens my muscles and enables me to stretch deeper, and I find it therapeutic to sweat from every pore. It’s crazy talk, I know.

I’m kind of hooked on bikram. Here are a few sites where you can learn more about the benefits of bikram:

Anyone else tried it and become a convert? What has your experience been?

*One might wonder why a girl who hates the heat would live in the south. The verdict is still out on that one!



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