The Guest Bartender

Ladies and gentlemen, this is what victory looks like:

This May, my friend Ashley and I went on a fabulous trip to Ireland. We started in Dublin, and then drove throughout the southern, western and middle parts of the country. The trip was incredible and deserves a separate (and very belated) post of it’s own. While in Dublin, we of course visited the Guinness Storehouse as everyone who visits Dublin must do. The ticket includes getting a free beer at the Gravity Bar OR you can learn how to pour the perfect pint of Guinness – and then drink it. Plus you get a certificate proving your superior ability. Obviously we went for the certificate.

Armed with this new skill, Ashley decided that my goal for the trip should be to convince a bartender to let me pour my own Guinness. It wasn’t until we stopped in Tralee that I was able to go for it. We were staying at Finnegan’s Hostel, and the hostel manager invited us to go out that night. I knew it was going to be an entertaining night when he led us to The Osbourne, a bar that was painted with zebra stripes on the outside (and apparently NOT named for Ozzy Osbourne).

We made friends with Owen the bartender, and after a few beers I felt bold enough to say: “Owen, I have to ask you something, and you can say no if you want to but I just have to ask. Is there any chance I can come back behind the bar and pour my own Guinness?” “Uh yeah sure, come on back.” “Alright!”

I made my way behind the bar, got myself situated, and was so excited about actually being behind the bar that I started pouring the Guinness incorrectly 😦 So Owen had to intervene and reteach me.

Giving it another try –

Thanks to Owen’s help, I successfully poured my own Guinness! And I’ve got to tell you, being behind a bar made me feel pretty powerful – so I just stayed back there. And ended up pouring beers for other patrons – I introduced myself as the Guest Bartender πŸ™‚ The owner came by and pretended to have a heart attack when he saw me back there, but I think I did a pretty good job. Then I just started snapping pictures of my view from behind the bar. It was a really quirky/eclectic/semi-sketchy bar, as you can see:

When I asked Owen if he thought I’d make a good bartender, he said no – apparently good bartenders just serve beer and don’t take pictures. I disagree, and think I have great potential πŸ˜‰



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2 responses to “The Guest Bartender

  1. Ashley

    I think you need a better photographer πŸ™‚ Or, a return trip for better documentation.

  2. Totally awesome. Sounds like a fun trip.

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