This afternoon I learned more than I ever wanted to know about blood, hair balls and poo. I took my little sister to the Animal Grossology exhibit at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences – she loves anything related to animals so I knew she’d love it. The exhibit has 5 themes: Blood Slurpers, Dookie Lovers, Slime Makers, Vomit Munchers and Other Gross Stuff.

The Blood Slurpers section was pretty cool. You pushed a level and “blood” spurted through the insect, so you saw how blood moves through the insect’s body.

This is Frank the talking fly who told us how flies like to eat sweet foods and have to pee every 4.5 minutes. So chances are, when a fly lands on you, it’s going to pee on you. Awesome.

We learned all about how cows digest grass

And peered inside its stomach to watch it digest the cud

There was a mock game show where we had to guess the slimiest contest. The host cracked me up!

And how could I forget the station where we looked at fake poo and tried to guess which animal it belonged to?

There are no words for this one.

In spite of the eew factor, the exhibit was a ton of fun. My little loved it (mission accomplished) and it was a fun way to spend the afternoon.


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