When life gives you snow

Go skiing!

You may have heard about #snowloco – the massive snowstorm that swept the eastern U.S. and canceled thousands of flights. Including mine. Twice. So now my trip home to Maine has been extended until 2011, which I can’t complain really about. Plus the snow gave me the chance to do one of my favorite winter activities – cross-country ski!

By no means am I good at cross-country skiing. I fall numerous times, have trouble getting up, and can’t even clip in my boots without help. Yet for some reason I really like it. Maybe it’s because not many people go cross-country skiing anymore, or because it’s like running on skis, or because I like the quiet of skiing in the woods. One of my favorite places to go in town is Twin Brook, a large recreational area with about 10k of trails perfect for skiing.

My dad and I went skiing on Monday afternoon and it was incredibly cold. The wind was so intense it almost knocked me over a few times, yet as soon as we reached the trails it became quiet and serene. Check out all the snow!

We look pretty cold, don’t we?

We went for about 3 miles, and I was doing really well at staying upright the whole time (I think all the hot yoga I’ve been doing lately is helping my balance), but then I fell as we were about 20 feet from the car. Fail. Oh well, maybe 2011 is the year I’ll cross-country ski without falling …


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