The weather outside was frightful

But the tacky-Christmas-sweater-pub-crawl was so delightful!

The big snow storm hit our area last Sunday night, which was the night of the annual tacky Christmas sweater pub crawl, an annual event organized by some high school classmates. Like true Mainers, we didn’t let a little snow interrupt the plans – the snow may have devastated the airline industry and canceled thousands of flights, but it certainly wasn’t going to cancel the pub crawl!The city of Portland was absolutely deserted that night; I think we were the only ones out, perhaps due to the city-wide parking ban … The snow was coming down heavily and ice covered the windows of the buildings.

I made it to Bull Feeney’s and Ri Ra before calling it a night. Here are some photos from the crawl (taken by a friend):

My dad came too – parents are starting to crash the kids party 🙂

No idea who this is … but he had a great outfit!

Sure the roads were a bit slippery driving home, but we made it just fine and had a fun adventure in the snow. Anyone else have a fun adventure during the storm?


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