Chupacabras are like Jennifer Lopez

I don’t see the resemblance either, but according to the director of the International Cryptozoology Museum, chupacabras are like JLo because both are bi-cultural. Yeah …

As part of my 26th birthday celebration on the 30th, I met my aunt for lunch at Asmara, a fantastic Eritrean restaurant, and then we went to the International Cryptozoology Museum. I had no idea this place existed until I came across a write up on the Maine Travel Maven blog – I knew it would be a perfect adventure for my birthday.

The museum surpassed my expectations. Cryptozoology is the study of “hidden” or legendary animals, such as Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster and chupacabras. There were a ton of artifacts, fossils, Jackalopes, Fiji mermaids, you name it. We saw footage of a Bigfoot sighting and learned facts that indicate it was not an impostor but a true sighting. Look, it’s Bigfoot!

If you are curious, yes, I do now think that Bigfoot exists!

This is an ancient Japanese artifact that tells a story of creatures that were half-human, half-turtle – supposedly the idea for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles originated from this story.

Here are more pictures; check out the Fiji mermaid in the top middle:

If you come to Portland, I highly recommend checking out this museum for some variety to more touristy activities.

Later that night I went out with friends to continue celebrating. Somehow I came home with these random items – I swear I didn’t steal ANY of them. Looks like a fun night eh? 🙂

What are some unique museums that you’ve been to? Any I should add to my bucket list?



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2 responses to “Chupacabras are like Jennifer Lopez

  1. I went to the Voodoo Museum in New Orleans this past September. Excellent.

    The Chapel of Bones in Evora, Portgual is great (even if not a museum, per se).

    • The Voodoo Museum sounds fun; I’ve never been to New Orleans but it’s on my travel list. The Chapel of Bones reminds me of the Bone Church in Kutna Hora, Czech Republic – creepy yet fascinating. Thanks for sharing!

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