The Sweaty Adventurer

During January, you can call me the Sweaty Adventurer. Today was day 1 of a new adventure/challenge I’m taking on this month: January is MOGA aka Month of Hot Yoga. That’s right, I’m going to be doing bikram yoga Voluntarily. I actually paid money for this.

I’ve been practicing bikram for a few months now (I wrote a post here about my previous experience), and when I discovered that my favorite bikram studio in Raleigh was offering a month-long challenge, I decided that it would be the perfect challenge for me. Why? Well, January is normally a depressing boring month, and this challenge will be a unique distraction from the dreary weather. Also, this will shake up my lifestyle; in addition to going to bed early and eating extra well, I’m going to cut back on caffeine and alcohol. Bikram helps eliminate toxins from the body, so I want to reduce the toxins I’m putting into my body to get maximum benefits.

Don’t expect to see any “before” or “after” photos, or to see pictures of me in class – I look atrocious afterward; bikram is not a pretty activity. I’m not doing this for a New Year’s resolution; losing weight is not my motivation for doing this – but hey, you won’t hear me complain if it happens 🙂 I want to push my body out of its comfort zone and see what I’m capable of. And maybe do cool poses like this:


I’ll post about my experience along the way, and would love to hear from others who have done month-long bikram challenges before!

Oh and did I mention that I’m doing most of these classes at 6am? This adventurer is off to bed …



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5 responses to “The Sweaty Adventurer

  1. CLK

    HOLY MOTHER OF GOD YOU’RE INSANE. As a Bikram practicer, I cannot fathom doing it every single day! Power to you, lady. You’re going to be all muscle next time I see you.

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