Addicted to sweating

The first week of my sweaty adventure is done! And I loved every sweaty second of it 🙂

Last week, I did bikram yoga six times and attended a posture class where we learned about the history of bikram and the instructor answered questions about some of the poses. Traditional bikram focuses on a series of 26 postures done in the same order each time; what I like about the studio I go to is the relaxed setting and attitude; they’ll often change the order or add in different poses, depending on how the class is going. There are 84 postures in all so there are a lot to choose from! On Sunday we had an advanced two-hour class and did a lot of new poses, including lunges with back bends and crazy hip openers. We also tried this crazy one where we tried to balance on your fingers and lift your legs – it’s impossible for me at the moment.Sadly I haven’t gone yet this week – class was canceled yesterday morning 😦 – and I really miss it! I think I’m addicting to sweating; it’s been two days since my last class and can’t wait to go tonight. I really haven’t been that sore or tired, which is very encouraging, and it’s been great getting to know the other people doing the challenge.

Can’t wait to see how these next three weeks go! I just might post some pictures of me doing poses for fun 🙂



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2 responses to “Addicted to sweating

  1. A friend of mine is also addicted to Bikram yoga (or addicted to sweating, I dunno). Not for me though. Sounds too much like an exercise for me :p

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