A Medieval rave

Ever been to a Medieval rave? I have – twice.

I know, “Medieval” and “rave” are two words you probably wouldn’t expect to see in the same sentence. Unless you’ve been to the Mardis Gras of the Carolinas, aka the Carnevale party at Castle McCullouch. Then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Fire throwers, stilt walkers and aerial acrobats entertain the crowds, while djs blast music inside the castle and tents. For me, the people watching is the highlight of the event. Knights in armor, elaborate peacocks, kings and queens – anything goes. It’s a great opportunity for people to express a side of themselves that they might not normally share. I personally love dressing up (reminds me of theme parties from my sorority days) so I’m up for anything that requires a fun costume – and lucky for me, so are my friends, as you can see below 🙂

Did I mention that the castle is in the Middle of Nowhere, NC? Most people from NC have never heard of it; along with the Wizard of Oz theme park, it’s one of my favorite discoveries in this fabulous state.

Here are some photos of the event to give you a glimpse of what goes down:

It’s hard to describe the shenanigans that go down at Carnevale; I’m trying to keep this post as PG as possible 😉 But it’s a ton of fun and I highly recommend checking it out for yourself. They have another party in the summer that I’ve never been to … we’ll see if I can handle two castle parties in one year!





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3 responses to “A Medieval rave

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  2. Hi Kathy, Good job at talking about a rave at PG level. I can imagine the temptations you must have had while writing this!
    PS: Its funny that this post follows your previous post on Yoga…

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