So far, so good

One week in, and I’m happy to report that giving up eating out for Lent has been very simple! I lucked out last week; on Friday night a friend threw a dinner party, which a ton of fun and delicious. Then I went on a road trip to Winston-Salem and stayed at a friend’s parents house, and they were nice enough to feed me dinner and breakfast.

However, yesterday I realized that Easter is on April 24 … and it’s still March, which makes it feel like ages until I can eat out again. Plus my mom was planning to come visit sometime in April, but told me that my not eating out is postponing her trip because we wouldn’t have much to do, which sadly is so true! Starting in my college days, whenever my parents would visit a lot of our time together was spent eating out. The “flavors” at Legal Sea Foods were just too good to pass up, right mom? 😉

I have a feeling that April will be a challenging month. And tomorrow night I’m going to an event that involves food trucks … and I will be eating a peanut butter and jelly from home. Here’s hoping the next 38 days will be filled with dinner parties and people taking pity on me and making me good food!



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2 responses to “So far, so good

  1. I think that’s such a good idea! Since moving to France, I have stopped going out to eat entirely. But I’ve been surprised how much fun I’ve been having planning creative meals for guests, or spending lots of time cooking on the weekends to make something special. It’s great!

  2. Your mom can buy your dinner!!! Yay to my parents for feeding us!

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