Look ma, no hands

I used to think Segways were lame. Really lame. I didn’t get the point of them – why not just ride a bike or walk? Also, to be honest, most people look pretty dorky on Segways. Let’s be real – police who ride Segways are way less intimidating and authoritative than police driving cop cars.

However, a few friends bought tickets for a downtown Raleigh Segway tour, and when one had to back out last minute I was happy to take her place. It seemed like a unique adventure to blog about 🙂 And I am happy to admit that I was completely wrong about Segways – they’re a lot of fun! The instructors had us practice in the office before letting us loose in public; balancing was awkward at first, but I picked it up pretty quickly. After the whole group practiced, we were ready to go!

We left headquarters in City Market and spun along to Fayetteville Street. We stopped at the convention center and admired the statue of Sir Walter Raleigh, for whom the city is named. Fun fact we learned about Sir Walter: he was executed after unsuccessfully finding El Dorado, and then his wife had his head embalmed and kept it until her death 30 years later. That’s some twisted love right there.

Image source

We made our way up and down Fayetteville and stopped for a break and photo opps at the Capital building.

Kate, Kelly and I decided to have fun with some cannons 🙂

We zoomed past government buildings and historic houses before making our way back to City Market to end the tour. There was one casualty – a woman fell off on a bumpy spot on the sidewalk – but she was fine; I felt perfectly safe the whole time. I adjusted to the Segway pretty quickly and thought it felt very natural. I’m definitely keeping this in mind for when I have visitors, because it’s a fun activity and great way to learn about Raleigh.

Have you ever done a Segway tour before? How was your experience?

PS Kelly and Kate, welcome to the blog 🙂



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3 responses to “Look ma, no hands

  1. Kelly Boerner

    Woo Hoo! I feel special now that I made the blog.

  2. Segways are a blast. I’m handicapp and although not able to walk well, I can cruise easily on a Segway! Love them.

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