Easy peasy, trapezey

A few weeks ago, Andrew and I had an awesome adventure: we took a flying trapeze class! I found a Living Social deal for a flying trapeze class with TSNY Chicago, followed by dinner and a drink, and since I’d have just been in Chicago for about 2 weeks, it seemed like a great way to celebrate our new life together.

The class was amazing! Terrifying at first of course, but as soon as I leapt off the platform for my first flight, it was just like being a kid again playing on a swing set. A really tall swing set.

Here I am, trying to make jokes to hide how much I was freaking out. It kind of worked.

Terrible facial expression, but I’m flying! The guy behind me is clearly mesmerized by how amazing I am on the trapeze.

The first trick involved putting your knees up on the bar and letting go of your hands. I bombed this. I’m so inflexible that it was really tough for me to put my knees on the bar, so it took a long time. They had to teach me a special way to put my knees on the bar by bringing my legs straight around the bar, so the next time was A LOT easier. This is a good picture to show how it worked:

Andrew had a much easier time with the knee hang

After two flights, we took a break and did some trampoline tricks and then acrobatic yoga.


If only it wasn’t too late to send out save the dates with this picture – if we can balance on each other, surely we can get married!

Then, we went back to the trapeze for one last trick: the hand off. This involved swinging on the trapeze, releasing your hands and grabbing onto another (professional) trapeze artist. This trick was all about timing; if your timing was off, you wouldn’t be able to catch the other person. Luckily, we both did it!

Andrew’s hand off (please note the priceless face he’s making):

We both loved the whole experience. I would love to go again and learn new tricks, but am not sure that this will be a long-term hobby for either of us. I like to look back on the pictures and watch the videos to relive the experience pretty often 🙂


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