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Baa Haa-baa

In August, I flew home to Maine for a mini summer vacation with my parents. Last summer, we went to Boothbay Harbor, and this summer we went to Bar Harbor, or Bah Habah if you’re a true Mainer. Bar Harbor is a popular tourist destination in the summertime; it’s on the east side of Mount Desert Island, the largest island off the coast of Maine, and it’s home to Acadia National Park – the park is 47,000 acres!

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Isn’t Maine a part of Canada?

I pronounce r’s, don’t wear flannel, have all my teeth and eat things besides lobster and blueberries. So most people can’t tell I’m from Maine right off the bat. Here’s a typical conversation I have with people once they find out:

Them: “Wow, you’re from Maine? I’ve never been but would love to go; I hear it’s beautiful there.”

Me: “You should go! There are tons of great things to do there.”

Them: “Yeah, maybe I will. Wait, isn’t Maine a part of Canada?!” Continue reading


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