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There’s a bullet in my pocket

Last Saturday, Kelly and I spent the ENTIRE day shootin’ and drinkin’ out in Fuquay Varina, NC thanks to a great LivingSocial Adventures deal. As usual, I hadn’t really read the details of the adventure … we showed up at 2pm thinking it’d be a 2-3 hour event, and were extremely surprised when we were handed a card saying we wouldn’t be done until 8pm! I guess it serves us right for not paying attention.

We met at the Aviator Brewing Company and boarded a bus and were taken to Drake Landing for the shootin’ portion of the event (don’t worry, we didn’t have ANY beer before shootin’). Once there, we were split into groups, shown how to load the gun and sent on our merry way without any more instruction. Prior to this, my shootin’ experience involved two shots with a bb gun and an aluminum can, which I definitely did not hit. So I didn’t have high expectations for being a good skeet shooter.

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