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Zip zip zip

In October, Andrew and I redeemed our Living Social deals to Kersey Valley Zipline in High Point. Ziplining is something I’ve wanted to try for a while, and when the deal popped up we had to get it.

Basically, it was awesome. I was a bit freaked out for the first one, but adrenaline kicked in soon and I got the hang out it. Figuring out how to stop made me the most nervous, but I quickly learned how much pressure to apply to come to a stop. The first time, I put WAY too much pressure on the line which hurt my shoulder a bit, so I quickly learned my lesson.

Our two guides were really funny and entertaining, which made the experience even more fun. One of the women in our group was pretty terrified, so naturally our guide, nicknamed Mouth because he always runs his mouth, decided that she would be a great target for teasing. I was glad that he picked on her instead of me!

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Last weekend was full of dadventures because my dad came to visit! Highlights included recreating the Krispy Kreme Challenge, checking out the Norman Rockwell exhibit at the NC Museum of Art, breakfast at the Raleigh Farmer’s Market, eating delicious German food for dinner and walking at Umstead Park.

Here are photos of some of the highlights. First up: the Krispy Kreme Challenge. Don’t worry, we split one donut instead of each eating a dozen, I have no idea how people can do that and keep running!






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Y’all can come back tomorrow

Me: Officer, where do we go for the Land of Oz park?

Officer: You don’t. All the tickets are sold out.

Me: Oh … are you sure?

Officer: Yes, but y’all can come back tomorrow.

Me and Courtney: uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm

On Saturday, after gorging ourselves on fair food, Courtney and I rolled ourselves out the door and headed to western North Carolina for our best road trip yet. Our destination was Beech Mountain, NC to see what is probably North Carolina’s biggest secret: the dilapidated Land of Oz theme park. But we almost didn’t make it…

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Zebras and rhinos and bears, oh my!

My friends and I have decided to go on monthly road trips so we can explore our gorgeous state 🙂 For our first mini road trip adventure, we ventured to the North Carolina Zoo. We were pleasantly surprised at how nice the zoo was! The zoo has two sections, North America and Africa, and there’s a wide range of animals from each. Bison, lemurs, giraffes, rhinos, lions, baboons, ostriches…and the polar bear is the most popular animal for sure. Continue reading

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